With a degree in textile design and 25 years of experience working with multiple mediums, I have spent my life finding the joy in personal creative expression. Life is always full of surprises, and 16 sixteen years ago I was forced to put everything on hold when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

That experience changed my life and outlook forever. I now realize how important it is to take time for yourself and enjoy what life has to offer. I knew that a great way for me to proceed was to embrace the things I love most - family, friends, creativity, cooking, and the outdoors.


Being from Maryland originally and my husband being from Colorado, we both fell in love with the hills of West Virginia and purchased 60 acres of pristine forested land. Soon after the vision of the Double O Retreat came to life.  Lodging for families and friends.  A refuge designed to engender creativity.  A home surrounded by nature at its best. A gathering place for all to enjoy!